Biotechnology and Quality in Agro-Food Industries and Environment


ECIMAT: Illa de Toralla s/n. 36331 - Vigo.
Facultad de Ciencias del Mar. Lagoas. Marcosende. 36310 - Vigo.
Facultade de Ciencias. Campus As Lagoas. 32004 - Ourense.
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Research areas

Research lines
Microbiology of water, food, cosmetics and environment, microbiological quality control, microbial diversity, bacterial populations in natural resources, water and food and validation of new diagnostic techniques.
Microbiology and Parasitology associated with the cultivation of marine organisms.
-Diagnosis of fish, molluscs and other marine organisms diseases.
-Prevention and control of diseases
-Virulence mechanisms of pathogenic bacteria.
Microbiology of the aquatic environment.
-Levels of microbial contamination
-Autotrophic microbiota of the marine environment and aquatic organisms.
-Selection and Application of marine bacteria as probiotics.
-Bacterial identification.
Microbiology and Parasitology in quality control:
-Control of industrial quality.
-Plans of cleaning and disinfection
-Procedures of good practices.
-Parasitic allergens.
-Zoonotic parasites in fishery products.
Parasites of importance for biodiversity conservation.
-Diagnosis and control of parasitic diseases in heliculture.
Exploitation and enhancement of agro-industrial waste. Engineering aspects of fermentation in food and forestry, etc.
Aromatic and sensory characterization of food and beverages, mainly cheeses, wines, distillates and traditional spirits.
Development of biotechnological procedures to prepare natural food additives with nutraceutical characteristics based on agroforestry and industrial waste.
Analytical and sensorial characterization of foods and beverages.
Wine lees, economic nutrients, analytical chemistry, bioconversion, bioprocesses, bioconversion of lignocellulosic materials, recovery of additives, agroforestry waste, food additives, industrial waste, foods, fermentation, additives, biomass

Research results