Enxeñería Química 4

Research areas

Research lines
- Biochemical and microbiological characterization of traditional dairy and meat products with a view to their industrialization.
- Typification and biochemical and microbiological characterization of fish products, vegetables and beverages.
- Elaboration of autochthonous starter cultures for traditional dairy and meat products.
- Use of waste from the food industry and reincorporation as ingredients/additives in new foods.
- Development of new foods with more nutritious and healthy ingredients.
- Optimization of the preservation processes of vegetables and fish.
- Development of new canned vegetables and fish.
- Cheese rheology.
- Chemical characterization of the fruits of autochthonous chestnut (Castanea sativa, Miller) varieties from northern Spain.
Starter cultures, meat products, dairy products, vegetables, preserved foods, food rheology, new food products, food preservation processes

Technological offer

Services offered
- Biochemical, microbiological and rheological characterization of meat, dairy, vegetable and fish products.
- Study and optimization of technological processes for the production of foods (meat, dairy products, vegetables, fish, preserved foods and beverages).
- Development of new foods.
- Advice and training in the food industry: control and optimization of processes, sensory analysis and development of new food products.

Research results