Grupo de Dispositivos de Alta Frecuencia

Research areas

Research lines
Linear and nonlinear modelling, and experimental characterization of microwave semiconductor active devices and MIC circuits, both wafer and encapsulated.
Design of hybrid and monolithic MIC circuits for microwave applications.
Large-signal measurement (vectorial calibrated) in radio frequency and microwaves, with monotone and multi-tone excitation in different terminal impedance environments (active and passive load-pull)
Design of radio frequency circuits for radio communications: power amplifiers, filters, combiners, duplexers, etc.
RF sub-systems
MIC design
nonlinear characterization
nonlinear modelling

Technological offer

Services offered
- Hybrid RF and microwave circuits design and prototypes fabrication. RF sub-systems design.
- MMIC design for communications.
- Linear and nonlinear vector calibrated characterization of microwave devices and circuits ( on die or packaged).
- Nonlinear microwave transistor model development.
- Consultants in RF and microwave communications sub-systems.

Research results