Physics of the Earth (GOFUVI)


Facultade de ciencias do mar. Campus de Vigo, Lagoas -Marcosende.
Illa de Toralla s/n. Vigo 36331

Research areas

Research lines
Study of the dynamics of oceanic circulation in Galicia, modeling of marine systems in their hydrodynamic aspects of primary productivity and nutrient content.
Operational oceanography, design, placement and supervision of oceanographic platforms sending real-time data, including a system of HF radar and various oceanographic and water quality buoys, in indoor areas, estuaries and the continental platform.
Interactions between physical oceanography and the other branches of oceanography, whether in their geological, chemical or biological aspects.
Spatio-temporal variability of the hydrographic conditions of the rias baixas, marine circulation, finite differences, numerical modelling, ocean dynamics, ocean dynamics, ocean currents, numerical integration, marine dynamics, physical-biology interaction, marine circulation, marine optics, physical oceanography, models, coastal dynamics, currents, operational oceanography, HF radar

Technological offer

Services offered
Real-time monitoring:
Oceanic and meteorological stations.
Monitoring culture tanks and hydrants.
Processing and quality control of oceanographic data.
Preparation of technical reports.
Test bench for oceanographic sensors.
Data provision of high-resolution surface current in the estuary of Vigo.
Teaching courses.
Operation and maintenance of oceanographic equipment.
Introduction to Matlab applied to oceanography.
Modelling of marine and aquatic systems.

Research results