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Xeociencias mariñas e ordenación do territorio
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Daniel Rey is a Full Professor in Stratigraphy at the University of Vigo since 2008. He graduated as a geologist at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 1985 and obtained his PhD at The University of Birmingham in the UK in 1992. He joined the University of Vigo in 1993.
He currently coordinates the Marine and Environmental Geology research group, where he started the Paleomagnetism Laboratory of the University of Vigo in 1995 and promoted the Environmental Magnetism studies in Spain. The Group has contributed to the use and definition systematic methodologies for data acquisition of high resolution scanners of marine sediments for the development of paleoclimate proxies not based on nutrients; integrating the systematic acquisition of magnetic properties (755 2G RMM) XRF data (ITRAX) and other physical properties (GEOTEK).
His research focus on the application of magnetic geophysical techniques to paleoclimate over the last few million years, and to the integrated management of coastal zones. He also has special interests in the geology of the continental margin of NW Iberia and in the paleomagnetism of red continental sequences of Permian and Triassic age. He has participated in more than 30 research projects, being the IP of about a third of them Funding agencies including Xunta de Galicia, Spanish National Research Plan and the European Science Foundation.
He has published more than 130 papers (articles in journals, books, technical reports), of which 55 are articles in international SCI journals and presented over 250 paper in conferences. He has led many oceanographic expeditions to the Galician Continental Margin often using large facilities such as the BIO Hesperides and the BIO Sarmiento de Gamboa.
He regularly participates in the management of R & D organization such as conferences projects and paper reviews at national and international level. Is an associate editor for the SCI journal Thalassas
He has taught more than 4000 hours of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mostly in topics related to geology, sedimentology and marine geophysics. He has supervised six doctoral these and many master theses.

He actively participates in the governing bodies of the University of Vigo. He has been a member of the Senate and the Governing Council from 2002 to 2006. He is a member of the Senate from 2010 to 2018, member of the commission CACTI (central research services), coordinator of 3rd year Bachelor in CC del Mar, and member of the TFG committee of the Faculty.
He is the Director of the Campus do Mar, an international school of excellence comprising the Universities of Galicia and Northern Portugal, and Head of the Centro de Investigaciones Marinas in the University of Vigo
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Daniel Rey heads the Campus do Mar and the Marine Research Centre of the University of Vigo since July 2018.
He graduated as a geologist at UCM in 1985 and obtained a doctorate from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 1992. He joined the University of Vigo in 1993.
He currently coordinates the Marine and Environmental Geology research group, where he founded the Paleomagnetism Laboratory in 1995 and promoted the studies of Environmental Magnetism in Spain

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(1) use of magnetic geophysical techniques applied to the evolution of the climate in the last 30 to 200 k years and its implications for the assessment of Global Change and climatic variability
(2) comprehensive management of the coastal zone, fundamentally environmental impact, coastal engineering and pollution
(3) the integral dynamics of the Iberian NW continental margin
(4) paleomagnetism of red continental sequences of Permian and Triassic age
Environmental Magnetism, Paleomagnetism and Magnetostratigraphy, Sedimentology, Sedimentary Dynamics of Marine Mineral Resources, Marine Geology, Early Diagenesis of marine sediments

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