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Química analítica e alimentaria
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*Facultade de Educación e Traballo Social
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The researcher has addressed several research topics across different fields, but always kept Food Science as his major research area. The applicant has strongly contributed to the optimization, implementation, and development of various analytical techniques for different molecules, bioactivity evaluation of the mentioned natural matrices, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antitumor activities. The research line of the applicant can be summarized in two main research sublines:
1. Food Chemistry and Food Technology, in which he has acquired a broad expertise on 1.a) characterization of bioactive compounds in food and biological samples by advanced analytical techniques; 1.b) development of new natural food products enriched with bioactive compounds obtained from natural sources by emergent technologies and green sustainable processes.
2. Bioinformatics and Chemical Engineering, focused on the evaluation and mathematical modeling of complex biological responses and the possible synergist/antagonistic effects of bioactive compounds. The applicant has advanced in the development of 2.a) assays, procedures, protocols or revision of old systematic methods to improve the production, reproducibility and assessment criteria of the chemical and biochemical; 2.b) development of empiric and mechanistic models to develop global solutions for an efficient description of biological processes.
Mathematical Modeling;
Response Surface Methodology;
Green Extraction;
Natural pigments

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